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Our Classes

High School Spanish Courses
Asynchronous, 16 Weeks, or 32 Weeks

Online Class

Spanish 1, 2, or 3

One 30-min live class each week
16 weeks (1 high school credit)

Online Education

Spanish 1, 2, or 3 Max

Two 1-hr live classes each week
64 hours of direct
instruction and conversation
16 weeks (1 high school credit)

A La Carte

Online Class

Private Tutoring

Distance Learning

5 Session Package

Doing Homework

Develop Customized Parent-Led

Dr. D creates a suggested course calendar based on the curriculum chosen by the family including grading and assignment guidance.

Meeting at the office

Curriculum Consultation

Private consultation to give guidance regarding pros and cons when choosing a Spanish curriculum or program and how to implement third-party curriculum effectively for reporting purposes.

Online Conference

Expat Classes

Learn Practical 
Spanish for Everyday Conversations
10 1-hr lessons
5-student minimum


Course tuition must be paid in full to reserve a seat in the course of your choice.

Note About Class Times

All class times are subject to the availability of each instructor. On occasion, unforeseen circumstances can alter an individual instructor’s availability and may necessitate changes to advertised live class days/times. In the event that a section’s class day/time changes, HSLDA Online Academy will notify impacted students and families as soon as possible with the updated class time information and what additional options may be available.  

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