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Virtual Spanish class

What We Offer

Explore our Versatile Learning Solutions, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of my clients at every level. From tailored classes to specialized services, each option is fully customizable to align with the specific desires and goals of every family, school, or student. Reach out today to learn about fully tailored support to elevate your learning journey and personal growth endeavors.

Homeschool Courses

Solo Access Courses

Experience unparalleled flexibility with asynchronous courses. Learn at your pace with 24/7 access to digital resources and timely feedback. Complete a variety of interactive lessons and assignments aligned with Mundo Real's interactive textbook and receive personalized feedback. Registering for optional live classes or tutoring can also ensure you remain engaged and progressing.

Live Classes

All students are encouraged to register for and attend the live online classes that best fit their individual and family needs. Options include weekly meetings for either 25 or 55 minutes. Classes are levels 1 through 4 and align with the Mundo Real curriculum in the year-long course. Classes focus heavily on hearing and speaking Spanish. All students will speak Spanish during class with instructor awareness and patience, knowing that some students are more timid that others. A supportive environment will foster students' skills and challenge them to practice and internalize their learning. Fun and authentic interactions are also essential to maximize learning, buy-in, and progress. We will spend time playing games, having fun, and getting to know each other. Relationships are a well-known bedrock in high-quality education, and live classes offer an opportunity for this where other programs and curriculums fall short.

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School Programs

​Unlock Spanish for Small Schools: Discover the future of Spanish education designed specifically for small schools that want to overcome the challenge of offering high-quality foreign language options to their student. Our programs, designed for the unique needs and budgets of smaller institutions, ensure every student accesses quality language learning. With no need for full-time staff, we make offering Spanish according to state and national standards achievable. Engaging & Flexible Learning: Offering certified instruction and dynamic, state-endorsed materials, our courses adapt to your schedule. Work with us to create a virtual learning program that fits your schedule and budget. Immersive, live lessons emphasize speaking and listening to foster confidence and fluency in Spanish. It’s education that fits your students' lives, not the other way around. Building Connections Through Language: Beyond the mechanics of language, our classes are built on the foundation of fun and authentic interactions to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes. By incorporating games, cultural lessons, and opportunities for students to connect with one another, we foster a vibrant community of learners. This approach not only bolsters students' linguistic skills but also deepens their cultural understanding and appreciation, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in a globally interconnected future.

Other Direct Instructions Opportunities 

Adult Classes

Enhance your Spanish for daily use with focused classes. Designed to improve skills in comprehension and speaking, adult courses prepare you for daily situations effortlessly. Ideal for beginners or those improving their skills, these classes offer a supportive environment for various goals—socializing, career growth, or retirement. All adult classes focus on the topic you choose.

Spanish Summer Club

Make the most of your summer with an exciting and enriching Spanish Club, lessons tailored to prevent learning loss, and help you get a jump on the year to come. With flexible scheduling options to accommodate vacations and other activities, engaging club meetings ensure progress during the break. Dive into language learning this summer to be productive and have fun!

Private Tutoring

Experience personalized one-on-one sessions with a certified teacher. Tailored to your individual learning pace, goals, and preferences, private tutoring sessions offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Receive focused attention and feedback to accelerate your progress and achieve your language learning goals.

Services for Families and Organizations

Versatile Curriculum Learning Platforms

At My Homeschool Spanish, I use a variety of educational tools and platforms with intentionality. I invest in Mundo Real Interactive Textbook, Quizlet’s flashcards, games and AI stories, EdPuzzle video quizzes, and Senor Jordan’s video lessons and more! If you are looking for ways and resources to improve your instructional strategies and take student engagement and learning to the next level, I would be happy to offer a 30-minute free consultation to hear your experience and share my expertise.

Parent-Led Course Development

If your child is too young for structured classes or you prefer a hands-on approach, I’d be honored to support you as you teach your child. Leveraging my Doctorate in Education and Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction, I will develop tailored curriculum plans, along with suggestions of resources and instructional tools for effective teaching at home. Flexible consultation sessions ensure specific challenges are addressed, adapting the curriculum as needed throughout the school-year.

Curriculum Consultation

Receive expert advice and guidance about curriculum selection and development. Schedule a private consultation to help you navigate the options and make informed decisions.Our tailored recommendations consider your educational objectives, learning styles, and preferences, providing access to a diverse range of resources and materials to enrich your learning experience. Ongoing support ensures the success of your homeschooling or adult learning journey.

Don't see what you are looking for??

As an owner and independent teacher, I am in a unique position to create services that best fit the needs of my students and clients. Please reach out to ask about any classes or services you don't see listed above. 

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