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Embracing a New Chapter: From Formal Education to Homeschooling and Independent Teaching

Updated: Mar 29

Dear fellow independent educators and homeschool parents,

As I step into the vibrant world of homeschooling and independent education, I bring with me a suitcase filled with experiences from formal education settings—private, public, online, and alternative—and the halls of academia, armed with a doctorate in education and a master's in curriculum and instruction. This transition marks a new chapter in my journey, one where I move from the structured classrooms of formal education to the personalized learning spaces of our homes.

A Humble Newcomer

Joining your ranks as a newcomer, I hold immense respect for the dedication and passion each of you brings to this unique form of education. Your commitment to tailoring learning experiences to fit the needs of your children is both inspiring and daunting. As I navigate this transition, I am eager to learn from your wisdom, experiences, and the communities you've built around homeschooling and independent education.

Sharing and Growing Together

Although my background in education has provided me with a foundation, stepping into homeschooling is a reminder that learning is a lifelong journey. In this spirit, I am keen to share insights from my academic and professional experiences that may benefit our collective endeavor, while equally absorbing the wealth of knowledge and understanding you possess. Together, we can bridge the gap between formal education principles and the dynamic, often fluid, nature of homeschooling.

A Collaborative Path Forward

In embracing this new role, I am excited about the potential for collaboration. The strategies, resources, and methods I've encountered in formal education settings can enrich our homeschooling practices, just as the personalized, student-centered approaches you've mastered can enlighten traditional teaching paradigms. This exchange of ideas and practices promises to enhance our teaching and, most importantly, our children's learning experiences.

Celebrating the Journey

This journey into homeschooling and independent education is a celebration of our children's unique paths to knowledge and growth. I am here not only as an educator but as a fellow parent, understanding the challenges and joys that come with this responsibility. Let's take every opportunity to celebrate our successes, learn from our setbacks, and support each other in this shared journey.

An Invitation to Connect

As I take my first steps into this new world, I extend an invitation to connect, share, and collaborate. Your stories, advice, and friendship will be invaluable as I transition from the structured environment of formal education to the personalized, often adventurous world of homeschooling. Together, we can build a nurturing and dynamic learning environment for our children.

In Closing

Embarking on this homeschooling journey represents a significant shift in my educational career, but it is one I approach with excitement and an open heart. I am ready to learn, to teach, and, most importantly, to grow alongside you and your children. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful collaboration and the countless learning moments ahead.


Kelley Deitemeyer

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